Company profile eXcorLab GmbH

Location of eXcorLab GmbH is Obernburg/Main.

eXcorLab GmbH was originally founded in 1983 as the biochemistry und cell biology laboratory of ENKA (later Akzo Nobel). The laboratory is focused on membrane applications in medicine and biotechnology. Since 2005 eXcorLab GmbH is an independent small medium enterprise (SME). Core competence of eXcorLab GmbH is performing in vitro and clinical studies and contract research in the field of membrane applications in medicine (dialysis, apheresis, oxygenation). eXcorLab GmbH co-operates internationally with more than 20 partners in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.

eXcorLab GmbH accompanies the development of medical devices (e.g. dialysis and oxygenation membranes, hemodialyzers, plasma separators, oxygenators), and biomaterials (e.g. bone cements). We strive to provide relevant (in vitro) models for application of products in life sciences (medical device technology, biotechnology).

Your way to us

Industrie Center Obernburg
D – 63784 Obernburg

Telefon: +49 6022 81-2647
Telefax: +49 6022 81-2676

Travel by car:

  • From Frankfurt or Würzburg (via highway A3)
  • Exit “Stockstadt” (on A3), follow direction Miltenberg, Obernburg (B 469)
  • Exit “Obernburg Mitte“, follow sign “ICO“ to gate 4 (Tor 4)
  • Please register at the plant security office

Using a GPS system, our coordinates are:

  • 49° 49,5′ Nord, 9° 8,9′ Ost

or type into your GPS one of the following addresses:

  • Industrie Center Obernburg or
  • Elsenfeld, Glanzstoffstraße or
  • Erlenbach/Main, Mainhausener Strasse

Please follow the sign “ICO“ to gate 4 (Tor 4).

Travel by train:

  • In Aschaffenburg choose a regional train to Miltenberg.
  • Leave the train at the station “Glanzstoffwerke” (you may have to announce, that you want to leave the train there).
  • Follow the signposting “Tor 4” (Gate 4)
  • Please register at the plant security office.

Have a good trip!