Preclinical studies (in vitro)

► Hemocompatibility of dialyzers, oxygenators (in vitro)

Membranes for medical use are mainly produced as hollow-fibers as part of class IIb medical devices studies. Dialysis und oxygenation membranes in extracorporal circuits are in contact with heparinised patient blood.

► Performance of devices in medical applications (in vitro)

We determine the following performance parameters e.g. of hemodialysers.

► Water quality in dialysis, pyrogen retention of membranes und ultrafilters

Due to growth of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria dialysate may, in particular in developing countries, occasionally be contaminated with pyrogens.

► Cell Culture

We perform in vitro cytotoxicity tests of chemicals (e.g. compounds, drugs or cosmetics), or with extracts from medical devices according to EN/ISO 10993-5.